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Philippe Rebillard (b. 1970 in Baccarat, France) is known for his many business accomplishments. In addition to running a profitable business, Rebillard is a writer. In his books, he explains the way of thinking one requires to make money. His works are popular all over the world and appreciated by his grateful students who are mastering the science of doing business.

Philippe Rebillard’s accomplishments are magnificent. He is the creator of such popular brands as B2REACH, ALLSMARTPRODUCTS and many others that attracted worldwide acclaim. In addition, the entrepreneur has achieved impressive success in direct sales. Over a span of 20 years, his companies’ turnover has exceeded €700 million, which is an incredible result.

It is worth mentioning that Philippe Rebillard also worked in Russia, which brought him both whopping profits and awards for his impressive achievements. A company founded by the businessman became a leader in its field, and Philippe Rebillard received the Leader of the Year Award.

Despite his significant success, the businessman does not stop there. Philippe Rebillard has developed a unique knowledge system that he actively promotes around the globe; with it, anyone can learn to steer their way of thinking to achieving wealth and success. Naturally, his writings are based on experience since the author independently earned his first million dollars at the age of 28. In turn, many students trained by the Master have already earned their first million and are determined to keep going.

Philippe Rebillard has written two books on business management, which received countless positive reviews.

His first book, Awareness: The New Key to Success, is a very valuable source of knowledge; instead of being a collection of boring facts, it provides knowledge to help you adjust your way of thinking.

The second book, Synergy: The Key to Success, is an insight into how to succeed in network marketing and learn to actively make money.

Become a successful businessman with Philippe Rebillard!

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